Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Burger in NYC Search: Blue Ribbon Bakery

 35 Downing St. (cross of Bedford St.)
(212) 337-0404
Burger: The Hamburger Deluxe ($14.50) 

From time to time along our search for the best burger in NYC, we visit what’s commonly known as “foodie establishments” in Manhattan. Evidently, most of the eateries on our “to be reviewed” list are typecast as such – and we’re not complaining. So, recently we had the opportunity to hit up one such restaurant in the form of Blue Ribbon Bakery on Downing Street in the West Village. Not to be confused with Blue Ribbon Brasserie over on Sullivan Street but bearing the same owner and family of restaurants, the Bakery serves up a healthy portion of beef that’s often on many critics’ short lists of best burgers in NYC. In doing so, they have taken an item which is plainly described on their “all over the place” menu, and made it into a must try, even after you scarf down the fresh breads they serve with your meal. Even better, doing so in an unassuming brick-walled village locale makes you feel at home as you dine – making that such an, ahem, treat.

Our Expectations: The Hamburger Deluxe. Served up with lettuce, tomato and raw onion on a house-made sesame seed topped bun. A grill marked and approximately eight-ounce patty which has been grass-fed and locally raised is what we’ve read, so a flavorful and fresh bite should be instantly recognizable. With a rich history of award-winning fare, Blue Ribbon shouldn’t fail to impress. Just ask Martha Stewart if she likes it…Yes, that was a Martha Stewart reference, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The Burger

Meat: Scrumptious is a word that comes to mind, as the Blue Ribbon eight-ounce robust patty is tasty and savory all in one bite. Nicely seasoned and delicately grilled, the meat looks tasty pre-bite and continues its sensory enjoyment on your palate. Though, despite the victory in taste, the freshness check is the patty’s downfall, as the meat does taste less fresh than it should. Negative points in that regard. Still, the cooking temperature was on par with our Medium Rare request, which makes us happy.

Toppings: Basic toppings and nothing out of the ordinary, but if we’re gonna be sticklers – and we are – the cheese is sloppily topped on the patty, with a less-than-melted consistency. The more you melt the cheese, the better the gooey goodness comes, so we weren’t fully pleased. Still, the raw onion is a good call as every bite deserved the crunch and sweetness to counteract the savory that is the patty.

Bun: A disappointment, the bun was slightly oversized and gave us more than we could handle in terms of bun to meat ratio. Additionally, although we enjoyed the breads provided in the table’s basket, the bun wasn’t necessarily above average, despite coming from a bakery. We expected more. A nice fluffy custom-baked bun, yes, but lacking much of the sweetness and complementary taste we’ve come to expect from most buns.

Bedlam's Blue Ribbon Bakery Judgment

Meat (44): A pleasantly seasoned patty with above average taste and coming in at a relatively larger size. Still, it lacked in the freshness department and was less juicy than we desire.

Toppings (19): Standard stuff and a bit amateurish in the melted cheese execution, it’s hard to take away too many points for simple ingredients.

Bun (20): Although it’s custom baked and noticeably fresh and fluffy, the bun was still a bit overbearing in size in comparison to the patty while also coming up short on complementary taste.

Ranking: 83 out of 100

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Announcing: New Burger Coupon from Burger Bedlam

This week, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, Burger Bedlam teams up with SideBAR in Manhattan where readers can take part in an Interactive Burger Making Class on Wednesday, September 15th and use burger coupon code: burgerbedlam at checkout to get 15% off the per person cost.

Event details:

Interactive Burger Making Class
Wednesday, September 15th 7pm to 9pm

Prepare for National Cheeseburger Day with an interactive class that shows you how to make the best burgers you've ever had! A Chef Instructor from Hot Pot Events will demonstrate and guide you through mixing & matching from a buffet of meats, cheeses, toppings & buns to build your ultimate burger! Ticket includes a well cocktail or Bud Light draft. $35/person

118 East 15th Street (near Irving Place)
New York, NY 10003

We hope all our readers can take advantage of this deal, it's a necessity to know how to build your own burger, not to mention you can drink while doing so...the best way to enjoy a burger.