Think we're missing some worthy best burger in NYC contenders? Let us know HERE.
  • 67 Burger (Fort Greene)
  • Bareburger (Multiple Locations)
  • Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint (Upper West Side)
  • Black Shack Burger (Murray Hill) 
  • Brindle Room (East Village)
  • Corner Bistro (West Village)
  • DBGB Kitchen & Bar (Greenwich Village)
  • Del Friscos (Midtown West)
  • Donovan's (Woodside)
  • Dumont Burger (Williamsburg)
  • Island Burgers & Shakes (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Joy Burger Bar (West Village)
  • Market Table (West Village) 
  • Murray's Cheese Bar (West Village)
  • Old Homestead Steakhouse (Meatpacking District)
  • Peels (East Village)
  • Primehouse (Flatiron)
  • Roberta's (Williamsburg)
  • Rosemary's (West Village)
  • The Cardinal (East Village)
  • The Hurricane Club (Murray Hill) 
  • Trailer Park Lounge (Chelsea)
  • Westville East (East Village)

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  1. you guys should also rank the burger at Hillstone on Park ave South.

  2. Yikes you missed City Hall Restaurant. Best I've ever had.

  3. Try The Smith in the East Village--it's what a burger should be.

  4. Since you're doing Corner Bistro, you should go across the street and try the Tavern on Jane burger.

  5. Forrest: We'll get there, thanks for the recommendation!

    Anon 1: Haven't yet heard of City Hall, any more details you can send along? Email us at contact [at] bestburgernyc [dot] com

    Eli: Really love The Smith for brunch, will def. try the burger soon!

    Anon 2: Tavern on Jane will get a review this spring/summer for sure! Thanks for reaching out.

  6. I second The Smith burger. You also need to add Colicchio & Sons Tap Room burger, which I had a couple days ago and it COULD be the best burger. For sliders, definitely check out Mark Burger on St.Marks.

  7. Thanks for the 2nd rec of The Smith Kathleen! We'll get there soon. We're certainly gonna hit up Colicchio as well. We try to pace ourselves as to not get overwhelmed in Cholesterol! Thanks for reading :)

  8. Although I agree you need to hit up Corner Bistro and some others first, I suggest 'BLK Mkt' in the east village, Pat Lafrieda meat, I've been to all top Zagat rated and this is right up there with them.

  9. Need to hit Bareburger as well (3rd Ave between 34th and 35th Sts). Also surprised that Joy Burger Bar is not on the list.

  10. Anon on May 10th, thanks for the BLK Mkt suggestion, sounds enticing!

    Anon on June 2nd, Bareburger looks great although there are so many options. What's your favorite there? And Joy Burger Bar has been added!

  11. I know that everybody has their favorite spot, and I realize that most people don't know about this, BUT Cubana Social has the best burger I've ever had in my life. Had it twice, stone sober and both times I just nodded to myself for a solid minute and a half. Get the house burger, bacon cheese, medium rare. Chorizo mixed into the patty. Thick bacon. Topped with crunchy fries in a ciabatta bun. All that I will say is that it beats the hell out of Shake Shack, and you don't have to stand in line for an hour to get it.

  12. You guys have to hit up Donovan's in Woodside, NY. Hit it up as a pregame to a Mets game, you will not be disappointed.

  13. Anon on June 13th, that sounds incredible! We'll have to work that one in. Chorizo in a patty? Awesomeness.

    Anon on June 20th, we've heard mixed reviews at Donovan's. How can we pass up Shake Shack at Citi instead??

  14. What's the best burger spot near the Penn Station (Mid-town) area within walking distance?

    Has anyone tried this place I saw on NBC New York Live @5pm last week
    This burger won best in America.

  15. What about The Counter on 41st and Broadway?

  16. Check out odeon in Tribeca