About Our Rankings:
The Burger Bedlam rankings are based on the ratings we compile during each review. The reviews are broken down into sections and focus on three areas:
  • Meat (50% weighting)
  • Toppings (25% weighting)
  • Bun (25% weighting)
Always open for reinterpretation, our rating system is designed to focus on the meat, as that is most important to us. Though the toppings and bun are key cogs in our aggregate rating, the meat is the star and must shine the brightest. We aim to try the burger that each burger establishment is "known for."

Rankings by Burger (total score): 

Lure Fishbar - The Bash Burger (98)
Shake Shack - Double Shack Burger (95)
Peter Luger Steakhouse - Luger Burger (93)
The Spotted Pig - Chargrilled Burger w/ Roquefort Cheese (92)
Whitmans - "Our Juicy Lucy" (90)
Zaitzeff - 1/2 Pound Kobe Beef Burger (90)
Back Forty - The Grass Fed Burger (89)
Minetta Tavern - Black Label Burger (88)
Beauty & Essex - Beauty & Essex Burger (88)
The Breslin Bar & Dining Room - The Chargrilled Lamb Burger (88)
The Dutch - Burger (88) 
The Little Owl -  Bacon Cheeseburger (88)
J.G. Melon - Bacon Cheeseburger (87)
Sweetwolf's - Bacon Fat Infused Wagyu Burger (87)
West 3rd Common - The Common Burger (87)
Royale - The Bacon Royale (86)
Bill's Bar & Burger - Fat Cat (86)
Black Iron Burger Shop - Iron Horse (86)
Blue Smoke - Blue Smoke Burger (86)
Resto - Resto "burger" (84)
Waterfront Ale House - Bacon Cheeseburger (69)

Retired Burgers - Establishment Now Closed or Burger Removed: 

Burger & Barrel - Mexico City Burger (95) No longer served
RUB BBQ - RUB Burger (91) Closed
Jo's - Burger Deluxe (84) Closed
Social Eatz - Bibimbap Burger (81)  Closed

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  1. you really missed one of the best burgers in town or they must have had a really bad day...CORNER BISTRO

  2. wat about corner bistro? they must have had a terrible day if they werent able to make this list!

  3. I tried the top 5 on this list already. But the best, imo, is Bill's and Landmarc Burger.

  4. @burgernerd: We'll get to Corner Bistro soon! Thanks for the suggestion.

    @BobbyV: Bill's is very solid, we liked it as well. Landmarc is on our "to review" list. Thanks for reading!

  5. Thank you for providing this information. It's hard to sift through the mass of restaurant choices in NYC. I'll be sure to try a few of these places next time i'm in town.


  6. I agree w/above reviewer. Bill's and Landmarc are the best.

  7. You guys should check out the lamb burger at Sweetwater in Williamsburg. It's dope. http://www.yelp.com/biz/sweetwater-restaurant-brooklyn-2