Friday, June 26, 2009

Best Burger NYC Glimpse: Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridien

We at Burger Bedlam care mightily about our beef. We expect it to be cooked with care, flavored and spiced with purpose, and presented with a promise to satisfy. With all of that in mind, a good burger is only showered with praise when there’s something seriously superb about it…translation; it has to meat our expectations. Sometimes though, a burger's quality can often be overshadowed by the mystique behind its location and atmosphere. Such is the case with our next burger review, Burger Joint. Located in the ritzy confines of Le Parker Meridien in Midtown Manhattan, Burger Joint gets as much buzz from its design (faux-wood paneling, diner-like surroundings) as it does from its cheeseburger. Some call it the "textbook burger." Some say there are none better. As we prepare to make our venture for answers this weekend, we do so with the hope that Burger Joint cooks carefully, is full of culinary purpose, and is ready to satisfy these two burger bloggers. Stay tuned...


  1. "Textbook Burger"...What kind of genius came up with that? I would have to say that I 100% agree.

  2. Great burger but a little pricey given these financial times.

  3. Fancy Burger Digs...I clicked I link while I was here :-)

  4. Anonymous #1: Textbook burger...some genius must have coined the term ;)

    Anonymous #2: True, but compared to many others in the city, its not so pricey. Willing to bet you wont find a great burger of such high quality for less than $6.50...unless its at a chain.

    Liz: We appreciate the linkage!