Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Burger NYC Glimpse: Blue 9 Burger

It seems like a recurring theme these days for us at Burger Bedlam: Walk to the East Village, eat a burger. It's no coincidence, some of the best NYC burgers are located there. From hyped joints such a Royale, Veselka, Paul's Place and today's preview, Blue 9, you definitely have your pick of the litter. Blue 9 comes to us after a few years of In-N-Out type comparisons by plenty of our West Coast friends and especially from our previous experiences there. Always fresh and never frozen, similar Animal Style (grilled onions and special sauce) options, and wrapped like an In-N-Out burger, the comparisons make sense. Further, considering how we just made a pit stop on the West Coast for a Double Double, we figured we'd stick with the theme this week and review one of our long-time favorites. Not to mention Brett remains extremely jealous of Kyle's In-N-Out adventure and needed some sort of appeasement. Otherwise, he may have been forced to hop a flight to LA...but a trip to Blue 9 was cheaper. Will our love for this In-N-Out fashioned burger joint continue? Or will it drop from our top 5? We're hoping it has staying power, stay tuned...


  1. If you're going to eat a burger in the East Village, Blue 9 is probably about the worst you can get here. The best burger in the East Village, hands-down (including one of the better burgers in the city) is at Westville East (the sister restaurant to Westville over in the West Village). Veselka does Borscht and Eggs Benedict well, that's about it.

  2. at one point in time blue 9 rocked my world, in the last few years it has started to suck. westville is good but paul's is better.

  3. Destro: Thanks for the note and sharing your opinion. We've long enjoyed eating Blue 9s In-N-Out style burger, but havent been in some time. Has it really gone downhill? Thanks for the recommendation on Westville, itll get added to our list. Also, although we havent been to Veselka yet, we've heard great things, so we shall see if the praise holds up.

    Nina: Sad to hear Blue 9 has fallen from your good graces, we hope it doesnt fail us! Westville, as I told Destro, will definitely get a visit. As for Paul's, thats on our list too. We will get to them all someday, just stick with us. More to come, just gettin started!