Monday, November 16, 2009

Best Burger NYC Glimpse: Resto

Tucked away in the quiet block between Park and Lexington on 29th Street sits the Belgian gastropub Resto, what New York Magazine dubbed a "meat-eater's paradise" in their official review in 2007. More notably to us at Burger Bedlam was New York Magazine's declaration that same year, naming Resto's burger the best burger in NYC. Obviously such a claim forces further exploration from yours truly, and we must say we're extremely anxious to make the trip. Tempting us often, we have walked by Resto, being the Murray Hill locals that we are, and wondered what all the fuss was about. The hard part, as we must disclose, is deciding to stop at Resto while a few hundred feet more could land us at our favorite Manhattan Barbecue spot, Blue Smoke. *Side note, Blue Smoke also has a tempting that we just may have to review in the future. Considering we haven't walked by Resto since starting Burger Bedlam, its about time we give it it's just due. Reminiscing back to our very first best burger review, 5 Napkin Burger, the Resto burger provides a mouthful on Gruyere, making us cautiously pessimistic. Yet, with the promise of a fried egg on top and a blend of fresh ground beef and pork, we're anticipating greatness. Later this week, the day of reckoning shall commence. Until then, stay tuned our carnivorous friends...

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