Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best Burger NYC Glimpse: The Spotted Pig

Readers of Burger Bedlam know that we post our reviews with a focus on the three sections of every burger: Meat, Toppings and Bun. Each review involves a bit of scrutiny with every section and we try not to take ourselves too seriously when doing so...these are burgers after-all, not necessarily high end cuisine. Yet, our next stop in our search for the best burger in NYC brings us to a destination that can't be overlooked for its unique atmosphere and unmistakable notoriety with trendy New Yorkers, foodies, celebrities and tourists alike - The Spotted Pig. Home to a culinary icon in New York, April Bloomfield, The Spotted Pig is co-owned by a few other esteemed chefs and restaurateurs (Mario Batali being the most well-known, of Iron Chef fame). Bloomfield boasts a burger that is distinguishable from many others in the city, specifically due to the "ice cream scoop sized" amount of blue cheese nestled on top. Now, we realize that The Spotted Pig will continue our trend of "gastropub" reviews following Spitzer's Corner and Resto, but we know that this burger, unlike the previous two, has more often claimed the crown of many critic's vaunted best NYC burger title. We're ready to take a bite and can't wait to head to the West Village for some "sceney" eating. Stayed tuned...

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