Monday, July 18, 2011

Burger Bedlam Bites: 7/18/11

Our curated list of culinary news from the prior week. Think we missed a must-read or there's something you gotta share? Add a comment below or drop us a line at contact [at] bestburgernyc [dot] com.

  • Indianapolis-based smashed burger chain and Burger Bedlam college favorite Steak 'n Shake is opening up it's first NYC outlet in Midtown. Drunk memories say it tastes good...sober memories say otherwise. [Eater]
  • Forbes reports that the next bubble might be burgers. Shorting burgers? Nah, we're long those suckers. [Yahoo Finance]
  • The First Lady caught some heat for taking down a 1,700 calorie meal at the D.C. Shake Shack. Not from us. If anything, she just gained significant burger street cred. [Washington Post]
  • It might be a bit dated (posted in March), but if you haven't read the AMAZING breakdown of the In-N-Out "secret menu" by A Hamburger Today, thank us now. Yes, we want a Double Double, Animal Style too. [AHT]
  • What percentage of Americans eat a burger at least once a week? 48 percent says the Burger Consumer Trend Report. It's the economy, stupid. Duh. [Technomic]

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