Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Best Burger NYC Glimpse: Rare Bar & Grill

Amongst the many questions we at Burger Bedlam get asked on a daily basis is: Does price matter when naming the best NYC burger? In short, yes. Who wants to dole out their hard earned cash for something that could barely satisfy your average burger lover? I mean, c’mon brother, you ever hear of a recession?!? Yet, sating our taste buds with the finer things in life can often require a bit more coin. Yeah, we consider beef a “finer thing” once in a while…we’re burger bloggers! Still, we’d like to exit a burger establishment with our shirt, so we often take offense to a burger priced north of $15. We do, however, take into account the quality of ingredients, location of the restaurant/bar/pub and clientele.

Thus, that argument leads us to our next best burger review, Rare Bar & Grill. Nestled next to the hip, modern and expensive Shelburne Hotel in the northwest portion of the post-college, bar-littered neighborhood we know and love, Murray Hill. According to their website, Rare promises to be “unlike any other restaurant in New York.” Past eating experiences tell us that the M&M Burger is the definitive reason to make the pilgrimage to 37th St. and Lexington Ave. Eight ounces of Grade “A” American chuck beef, flambĂ©ed in whiskey, topped with caramelized shallots, cheddar cheese and apple smoked bacon...are you hungry yet?!? Our anticipated review eating weekend can’t come fast enough. Stayed tuned…


  1. I know I may not be as "experienced" as you burger "experts," but the Strip Steak burger at Rare was the best I've ever had.

    I'm with you on price coming in to play when determining the best burger. However, if you are getting steak-quality meat on a burger, it can definitely be worth the money!


  3. this sounds like a decent burger, but I head about this new place with fresh never frozen burgers, wendy's i think. Heard they are in manhattan, give it a try.

  4. Jeff: Definitely agree that the strip steak burger is a fantastic one, but after some past experiences, we found the M & M burger was superior...you might want to give it a try. Great point about pricing. Getting high-end beef requires a high-end price. Still, sometimes I wonder why I'd want to eat a $21 burger in Murray Hill of all place!

    Anonymous #1: Thanks for the praise! Its a challenge eating so many NYC burgers :) We take it seriously and hope you keep reading!

    Anonymouse #2: I dig the frosties, the rest you can keep in Ohio!