Friday, December 10, 2010

Attention: The Ridiculously Good Looking Burger Bedlam Logo

As some of you may have noticed, Burger Bedlam has a fancy new logo and banner adorned on the site, our Facebook profile and Twitter account. Thanks to our good buddy Stefan Lawrence whom we found after admiring his work on the awesome men’s style blog, Put This On, our site has taken on a more complete look. As such, we felt it necessary to dedicate a blog post to him for all his hard work. Finally able to shed a bit of the “blog” feel and turn the corner to a cleaner, more composed theme, we’re grateful to Stefan and his talents. Best of all, aside from his creative ingenuity, he’s blessed with the same love of burgers as yours truly…how fitting. So, thank you Stefan, searching for the best burger in NYC just got that much more really really ridiculously good looking!

Follow Stefan on his Twitter account here and check his other creations and contact him via his website here.

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