Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Best Burger in NYC Search: Burger Bedlam's TV Debut!

Just over a year ago we at Burger Bedlam innocently started this website to document our search for the best burger in NYC. Fast forward to today, after substantial time spent blogging, countless adventures consuming burgers (good AND bad) and with your unwavering support, we have finally created a product which has allowed us to earn a reputation as...ahem...burger experts. Due to said reputation, we were contacted not too long ago by producers at the Discovery Channel's sister station, the Science Channel to take part in a show they were producing about burgers, hosted by Mr. Top Chef himself, Richard Blais. *He was runner-up, but don't sweat the important details!

So, it's with great excitement that we write today to ask you to tune in (or set your DVRs) this Friday, December 17th @ 10:30pm ET to the Science Channel HD for the 2nd episode (1st episode on pizza precedes it at 10pm) of the brand new show Blais Off with Richard Blais. We are featured quite a bit throughout the show and hopefully they didn't edit out some of our glorious commentary - the word juxtaposition was used once - or our artful bites into each burger with bacon hanging out of our mouths. Plus, we'd love to have you share in the first (and likely most non-camera ready/awkward) of our TV appearances.

For those of you in the NYC area that would like to come hang for a viewing party hosted at Royale (where filming was done) with us, below are the details. The producers have warned that it may get quite crowded, so come early. We plan on getting there by 9pm.

Friday, December 17th
Royale (our review is linked)
10th Street & Avenue C
(212) 254-6600

Thanks for all your support!

Brett & Kyle

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