Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Post Blais Off & TV Debut - Thank You!

As the curtain closes on what's been a whirlwind week for us at Burger Bedlam, we wanted to convey our sincere thanks to all our readers, friends and family who checked us out on Blais Off this past Friday. We had a rockin' time at Royale with some of the production crew and Royale staff while taking in our first on-screen action. A big thanks goes out to Sarah, the Manager and our Blais Off co-star, who knows just how well a shot of Jameson tastes after a burger! Another big thanks to Rev, our brother in burger pursuits, from Burger Conquest for showing up and the rest of our buddies who made it to hang with yours truly.

With all that said, it's every bit surreal as one might think to see yourself on TV.  Despite our fifteen minutes of fame, given that we try to fly under the radar when doing our reviews, we gotta think we're still safe from getting recognized (aside from the awkward stares as we take macro pictures of our burgers as we eat). Our search for the best burger in NYC will continue with a small ounce of pride in our back pockets, knowing that we did our best to represent the rest of the burger bloggers and foodies in all of us on National TV.

We leave you with the preview clip from the show, hopefully soon enough we'll be able to link the actual episode for your viewing pleasure, but for now this will have to do:

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