Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Burger Bedlam Bites: 8/23/11

Our curated list of culinary news from the prior week. Think we missed a must-read or there's something you gotta share? Add a comment below or drop us a line at contact [at] bestburgernyc [dot] com.
  • Peace out, King! Burger King plans on focusing on "fresh" and "healthy" ingredients. Hey, Mom - screw the Happy Meal, I want some guac! [USA Today]
  • Much love for Hamburger America author George Motz as he earned his own show on the Travel Channel this Fall. "Made in America" will explore 39 factories nationwide and premieres October 4th. Congrats, sir. [TV By The Numbers]
  • Pics of the new Veselka on Bowery (Yes, nine blocks south of the original) are out, but the space won't open for four to six weeks. Borscht martinis can't come soon enough. [The Local East Village]
  • Want a food truck to crash your wedding? How bout a big weiner-shaped one? Bet those pictures would last a lifetime! Well, it happened this past weekend in upstate New York with the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile. Weiner whistles got us to chuckle. [The Consumerist]
  • The Daily News features "the best" milkshakes in NYC. Gotta admit, Stand's Toasted Marshmallow shake it legit. That rhymed. [NYDN]

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